Support area rules

The following rules are currently in effect at support area:

  • Minimum number of active torrents in seeding state1: 8
  • Maximum number of torrents in either state2: No limit
  • Minimum ratio3: 3
  • Total limit of files to download: No limit
  • Monthly limit of files to download: 1400
  • Weekly limit of files to download: 350
  • Daily limit of files to download: 50
  • Total traffic limit: No limit
  • Monthly traffic limit: No limit
  • Weekly traffic limit: No limit
  • Daily traffic limit: No limit
1 Torrent is in seeding state when you have finished downloading it, but left it active in your torrent client (it has green icon with upper arrow) and your torrent client is currently running. If your torrent client stopped torrent automatically, you can use Force start option to forcefuly start seeding this torrent. Keeping torrent is seeding state helps other users download it and makes filesharing better. When you close your torrent client you automatically stop seeding all torrents.
2 Torrent is active in torrent client if you either currently downloading it or seeding it (see above)
3 Ratio can be calculated as follows: "uploaded" / "downloaded". E.g. if you uploaded 1Gb of traffic to torrent tracker and downloaded only 0.5Gb, then your ratio is 2. Keeping your ratio over 1 you participate in keeping support area fast and ready to serve all users. Reaching high ratio is easy: just leave your torrent client seeding for several nights. Outgoing traffic is usually free at all internet providers, so it is free for you.


Green globe () in your profile means, you are ok with rules. Yellow globe () means, soon you will be close to rule violation. Red globe () means you are violating some rule or very close to it. Grey globe () means no limit for a particular rule is currently set.

Users, that violate support area rules get just one, but serious penalty: they get VERY slow speed of downloading files. They cannot fully use all features of support area and receive only limited amount of them. Exceeding download limits will prevent you from logging into support area until particular download counter is reset.

Please also note, that we recommend Mozilla FireFox browser to be used to work with support area. It is much more secure, than Internet Explorer. You can download Mozilla FireFox here. You might also want to have a look at thousands of extensions for FireFox to suit all your needs.

The above rules are very easy to fulfill, please participate in improving support area quality by following them. Thank you.